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[UltraVid id=13 ]call your mother go ahead call tell her you won’t be single much longer that you’re going to find a great man who worships and adores you the love of your life and you’re finally going to have that amazing relationship you’ve always dreamed of your happily ever after maybe even give her those grandkids she’s always talking about even if you have a few extra pounds or you need a good haircut even if you haven’t had a date and longer than you’d like to admit well you seem to date all the wrong guys or the guys who go out with our commitment-phobic even if the guy you’re seeing has the reputation of being a player all that is about to change I’m going to show you how to meet and transform that one special guy you’ve been dreaming up into the man of your dreams that wants to be with you and only you how to make him fall deeply and passionately in love with you make him so addicted to you he can’t bear to be away from you days obsessed with the idea of being with you and he can’t stop talking about you and your future together hi this is David wagon whether you’ve seen me on MTV he entertainment CBS News NBC ABC fox or mirrored of other TV shows where you’ve read my books blogs articles or interviews in magazines or websites for nearly 20 years I’ve been helping men and women all over the world that want to transform their love lives and have the courage to take action and I do that for the simple reason that it’s my passion right now I’m going to tell you the three reasons why you’re alone why you give your heart away and keep getting hurt by men why you haven’t met the one while you’re destined to make these same mistakes over and over again unless you take action today right now and it has nothing to do with how beautiful you are the size of your breasts or the size of your butt what kind of lipstick you wear how often you go to the gym or anything else like that it might shock you and it might piss you off you might think and that David Wygant doesn’t know anything about me but I promise you I’m just the messenger the only call I’ve ever had coaching millions of men and women for dating relationships is for them to succeed now it’s your turn reason number one you’re repelling the man you’re trying to attract hard to imagine but it’s true the signals you send out every day are telling high quality men to stay way you don’t have to change who you are but high-quality men will never approach you unless you start sending the right signals with the right body language you can draw them to you like an electrical magnetic and they’ll think it was all their idea number two you undervalue yourself high-quality men are attracted to women who are self-sufficient that don’t seem like they need a man to be complete men are repelled by women that are needy and magnetically drawn to a woman they feel like they have to earn make them feel like you’re a woman who needs to take seriously an involuntary crave Onaga mate he’ll never even think about cheating number three future pacing that one special man will become obsessed dreaming and planning for the future he wants with you once you learn this incredibly simple technique you won’t believe how easy it is to make them beg you for a commitment and see his future with you and only you listen to these results from a study by the American Journal of sociology they blew my mind when I read it if you took a hundred women at age 25 and follow them through age 55 one will still be madly in love with her husband four would have said they were happily married 29 will be stuck in bad marriages and feel they’re trapped 11 will be unhappy and dead in relationships 27 will be single and still dating after at least one divorce 28 will have given up dating having never been married and six will be dead that’s 5% happy and 95% unhappy if you want to know how to be part of the 5% then this message is the most important thing you’ll ever say okay what if you can hire a coach to help you meet men to figure out which ones to date which ones stay away from someone who knows how to avoid from losing situations someone to help you navigate your dating and relationships until you find the man of your dreams then make them worship and adore you wants to be with you forever to commit to you to marry you and let’s say price is no object in fact I’ll pay for you’d hire her won’t you that’s Patti Stanger TVs Millionaire Matchmaker she’s got the most experience has an incredible track record for success has her own TV show in his world famous who cares if she charges $100,000 she’s the best right do something nice for yourself and paying for it anyway she is the one that can keep you from wasting valuable time on dead-end relationships teach you how to avoid dating creeps online kick your ass out to get you out of your funk and lead you to the man of your dreams she can coach you through the entire process you’ll benefit from her years of experience learn the simple little trick she’s discovered that will make that one special man you’ve been fantasizing about fall in love with you become so obsessed with you he won’t even think about another woman and see his future with you and only you almost like having it done for you she’s the one person that can keep you out of the dreaded 95% isn’t that what you’re looking for isn’t that what you deserve before I was on TV before I had millions of followers before it sold thousands of books and products before I even got famous I met Patti Stanger it’s fair to say that meeting Patti and having a chance to work with her and learn from her helped make me into the coach and man I am today thanks Dave I could say the same thing about day you

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