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ah the art of the kiss this is the moment every girl knows whether she’ll sleep with you or not given that sexy senorita one hot passionate kiss we’re leaving begging for more on the contrary give her a bad kiss and you’re straight out of luck so it’s crucial that you you write their master the art of the smooch in this video I’m going to give you five easy steps to master any kit alright guys to help me break down the five rules of kissing I’ve got my lovely pretty sexy girlfriend Nicole to help me out with this one rule number one he’s dominant whenever you’re going to kiss a girl you have to be dominant guys don’t be afraid to put your hands on her and pull her into you for the kiss girls are totally unattracted by a guy that timid and unsure of himself when you’re there about the cancer pull her into you and kiss her don’t let her pull you into her that’s not a good look good that doesn’t work when you’re there be dominant you want her show her that you want her pull her into you and lay down a pretty little lip rule number two this is so important because if you mess this will up guys the whole case is done you’ve lost it you’re not getting laid you’re not moving to second base whatever so this one’s going to do this is the rule it’s right here if you want to kiss her right turn your head right this is what I mean when you’re going in for that kiss you don’t go left you don’t go straight and hit noses you turn right always turn right it’s so crucial rule number three is dance whisper lips here’s a little secret nobody ever tells you there’s no such thing as a perfect King kissing is all about adapting to the girl here’s the thing some girls when they kiss they open their mouth really wide some open it really narrow some dark their tongue got really fast some jokes is tongue some go crazy some don’t you got to feel what she’s doing within the first one second and match her so look if she starts opening their mouth pretty wide you have to do that you have to adapt her way of kissing it not even to screw the whole thing up if you start starting your tongue out no I’m not like that you lost no matter what if you does that you lost no matter what but here’s the whole basis of it guys whatever she does you’ve got to follow along in Natura there’s no such thing as one perfect kiss the perfect kiss is basically being in harmony with the girl that you’re kissing rule number four in biz collected dominance guys put your hands on her face when you’re kissing her you want her show her that is yours in that moment so when you’re kissing her how awkward is it have your hands straight down it’s pretty awkward you want to have your hand right just like this very gentle this is what I’m doing guys around her neck in one hand is friend of her ear and same thing with the other hand and I’m very gently pulling her towards me that’s going to leave her wanting more all right guys lastly is rule number five and this is one of the biggest secrets that you guys should not tell anybody after you kiss a girl there’s one thing you should do that’s going to turn every girl on she’s going to be begging to take you home with her and that’s after the kiss leave her with a gentle peck she’s going to think about this kit over and over her mind and go oh this guy is totally so check this out after you kisser so after have your long kiss look at her in the eyes and that’s it leave it like that you can also if you want if the moods right kiss on the forehead but leave her at the end of your kiss with a gentle tech on the lips she’s going to love it and she’ll think of you every single time alright guys that’s all you guys need to know to become master kisses go out there go practice but babes you have anything you want to add I think continues to be nothing turns the girl up more as an when you’re kissing a guy and the steering straight at you so don’t do that keep your eyes closed keep your eyes closed at all times no matter how tempting it is to get your eyes open capable close keep them close Tim go I love you guys so much if you like this new type of video where I teach you guys something let me know in the comments below give it a big thumbs up I love you guys so much and I will catch you on the next video

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