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How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You – What Guys Really Want

hey this is Leo for actualised org and in this quick self-help segment in about ten minutes I’m going to tell you how to make a guy fall in love with you alright so this is a interesting topic for me because I’ve been involved with pick up and did a lot of personal development work like advanced deep level work on dating and social interaction with the opposite sex and learning flirting and just all this amazing stuff so this is a really fascinating topic to me from a girl’s perspective I think if you want to keep a guy on the hook and you really want to keep them keep them and keep them steady with you and you want them to like become your boyfriend fall in love with you what you got to realize is a little bit of male psychology and what guys like and girls and you’ll find that this is pretty much invariable across most men most of the human male population so a couple of points first of all if you want to guy to like you number one thing you got to realize guys or visual men or visual women are more emotional more about comfort more about personality guys are visual so I’m sorry to say you have to take care of your looks and it doesn’t mean you have to wear a ton of makeup or be fake but you got to take care of your health you got to take care of your weight you got to take care of your hygiene make sure that you’re nicely dressed you’ve got a sense of style you’ve got you know you’ve got your weight handled you’re going to the gym you’re eating clean these are important things and these are also beneficial to you because well you should be doing these things hopefully anyways because you care about your health and you care about your hygiene many girls don’t have this issue some girls do have this issue so it depends it depends where you’re at I think very almost all guys are very sensitive to weight so you have to take care of your weight and manage it because guys like healthy fit girls that’s just a fact that’s our biology that’s something we’re drawn to we can’t really do anything about it so keep your weight in line that’s very important and you might be asking well what does I have to do with love like of hasn’t has nothing to do with physical appearance well the problem is is that to a guy who has options it’s important right just like to you for example as a girl the personality of the guy is important and you like a guy who’s humorous and who’s adventurous and who’s outgoing who’s strong it has a sense of of like command over life well the same argument can be made like what does that have to do with love what does personality have to do with love the fact is that’s just something you’re drawn to women are drawn to personality guys are drawn to physical appearance so try to make your physical appearance you know as decent as you can make it without bending over backwards so that’s important the next point is how to make a guy fall in love with you is you know be sweet I think most guys like a sweet girl who is like caring and loyal to the guy it’s hard to reject a girl like that so be sweet be outgoing like that be kind to your guy don’t be a bumpy a bitch and don’t be don’t be too naggy guys hate it when you are nagging them all the time for guys it’s like we want the connection we want the intimacy but a lot of guys don’t want too much of it because we also are independent minded and we want to be out there and doing whatever it is that we’re doing and we don’t want to feel like we’re like attached at the hip we want our sense of Independence at least a strong guy will want that any kind of guy that you really want to lock down he’s going to have that independence that’s what you’re attracted to and so you don’t want to smother him too much in fact you want to play a little bit cool play a little bit cool and have things that you’re doing in your life that are not just revolving around the guy and getting the guy counter-intuitively the best way to get the guy is not want to get the guy so much because the guy will chase you especially in the beginning he’ll chase you because the guys are the pursuers in the beginning and it’s still always important to keep a little bit of that kind of edge in the relationship because if it ever becomes too like too obvious too stale then like that sense of like playfulness is lost so make sure that you have stuff that you’re doing you’re not just sitting around and waiting for your guy you have other friends that you’re hanging out with you have things that you’re doing and the guy will see that that will become very apparent in the way that you’re acting in the way that you’re communicating in in how much you want to see him so all that’s going to all that’s going to show in very subtle ways and the guy’s going to pick up on that and when he sees that you’re actually out there and doing stuff and you’re not so desperate to have a guy in your life he’s actually going to chase you a little bit and that’s going to be ideal that’s going to be kind of the ideal situation for you so keep that in mind make sure that your life is interesting right have friends have activities that you’re doing that’s always attracted that’s most attractive to guys and two girls girls want guys to be doing stuff on their own and guys want girls to be out there and doing stuff on their own nobody just wants somebody that sits home all day and is boring it has no life people want somebody who’s more attractive who’s got something going for themselves right who’s got a future ahead of them that’s important the other thing about how to attract a guy I think great sex guys are sec are sexual we want to be in relationships that offer us great sex so make sure that you know how to do good sex read up on it study it practice it you know whatever you got to do make sure that you’re satisfying your guy that he is really getting getting his kicks from it because like to me that’s that’s the best part of the relationship is making the sex really awesome so I like I pride myself in learning how to how to do that stuff mastering sex mastering just mastering the whole sexual realm and that’s a much deeper topic then like Cosmo makes it out to be you can go out there and actually buy information products that will teach you and it can really really good at sex like amazing amazing things to the point where you can take sex to a whole new level like most people don’t realize how deep sex goes and they just have boring vanilla sex they’re not exploring their sexuality and therefore their relationships get stale because the sex you know after you have normal sex just for a few months it tends to get boring so you want to keep it spiced up learn different techniques be adventurous have sex in different places and be a little bit sexually aggressive with your with your guy I think as guys we like that sometimes when a girl is too submissive and expects the guy to do everything then it feels like well we’re just doing all the work and we want some sometimes like we want to be a we want sex to be initiated on us I know that’s not always natural for girls depending on what kind of girl you are but I think most guys like that when when sometimes you initiate and you initiate in like kinky adventurous ways because for us it’s like oh damn like that’s cool most girls don’t do that and that’s something rare something unique something valuable that we are attracted to so what I’m talking about here is you ask the question of how do you get a guy to fall in love with you and before you can get that you have to get them attracted to you and really what happens is that you get attraction and then that attraction will build to love fairly naturally as long as there aren’t any big obstacles in the way and so what I’m basically telling you is try to clear up those major obstacles one major obstacle might be appearance hygiene another major obstacle might be that you don’t have the kind of social life or the kind of life that guy would would want in you if he’s looking for like a long-term relationship or girlfriend another thing might be the sex isn’t up to his standards and he’s not thrilled with that and so he’s looking up in other places so all these things you just remove those roadblocks and it’s going to naturally happen you know it’s going to be naturally naturally happening just make sure that you’re you’re doing more than the average girl because the average girl if she’s not looking at these at these areas in her life and she’s not working on them and fixing them then the guy will eventually get bored of her or he’ll he’ll find faults and then that process of falling in love will either take longer it’ll be rockier there’ll be problems there or it won’t happen but if all the roadblocks are removed and you’ve got all the fundamentals down he’s attracted to you there’s sexual chemistry three there’s intimacy then it’ll naturally lead to where you want it to go so it’s pretty simple it’s not that complicated and as far as you know where to find more guys well you got to go out there and socialize if you’re not finding enough of the kind of guys that you want to get you know to start that whole process because you got to start here you don’t start with love you start with an acquaintance and then it builds up to love so make sure that you have this part of your life handle too that means going out with your friends going out to bars going out to clubs be more receptive to guys maybe even approaching guys sometimes that’s attractive to is when a girl will approach a guy that can work although just being receptive and being attractive will get you natural approaches as long as you’re in an environment where that can happen right if you’re sitting home if you’re hanging around the same friends all the time and you guys in our place where there aren’t many other people then what are the chances of you meeting somebody not very high you can dramatically improve your chances by going out there and moving in new social circles going to places that are crowded where other people can see you and meet you and approach you and then that process will develop very very naturally all right so that’s pretty much how to make a guy fall in love with you in 10 minutes go ahead leave me your comments I’d like to hear what you have to say on this topic and some of my thought what you thought of some of my thoughts and anything that you’d like to critique on them I’m sure there might be some critiques here and then go ahead like this share this and if you want to really if you feel like you really want to do extra deep work on this and you really want not just a guy to fall in love with you but you want to find like your ideal guy and you really like want to lock it down and not only lock it down but then be able to manage it for a long time come check out actualised org and some of our more advanced personal development concepts that we cover there because to do that which is what you really want I know that’s what you really want because that’s what guys want to you have to work at it there’s going to be things within yourself you’re basically have to do personal development and you’re gonna have to work out kinks in your personality to smooth yourself out so that you can manage relationship well it’s just I hate to say it you’re gonna have to do that work we have to do it as guys girls have to do it as girls and you can’t take that stuff for granted otherwise what’s going to happen is that you’re going to have relationships you’re going to find yourself self sabotaging them or doing things that are putting roadblocks in the way and that might ultimately lose you the kind of the kind of good guys are you running into all right so that’s going to do it leo signing off go ahead and check out actualize that org and also sign up to the newsletter you

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