How To Make Your Ex Miss You — Want to know how to make your ex miss you like mad? In this video, breakup expert Brad Browning shares some sneaky tricks you can use to make your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend miss you and want you back.

If you want your ex back, then your ex must miss you! This is critical. You can’t convince them with words, though… no amount of pleading and begging will make your ex miss you or want you back. You have to build natural attraction.

Why did your breakup happen in the first place? Simple: your ex lost their attraction for you. How do you rebuild that attraction? Make your ex miss you!

If your ex misses you badly enough, they may want to get back together with you just to make those feelings go away. But how do you get your ex to miss you this badly?

The number one way to make your ex miss you is to suddenly disappear from their life. You need to completely drop off your ex’s radar. This sudden disappearing act works to make your ex miss you like crazy because it removes something they were so comfortable and used to (you!) from their life suddenly.

This disappearing act is often referred to as the

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