The Art Of Kissing – How To French Kiss

[UltraVid id=26 ]I have actually practiced French kissing on a stuffed animal before I did it work hi friends this is William cane in this tape believe it or not it’s going to teach you how to french kiss yes simply by sitting back at home and watching what’s on your screen you will learn how to use your tongue and be a passionate exciting romantic kissing so let’s begin the French kiss is something I don’t get very often um it’s a very nice way of showing your affection to somebody grabbing hold of them opening your mouth and really having a passion it’s more of a passionate kiss than just a small little peck a lot of young people are curious about the French kiss they want to know what it is and how you do it they ask me questions like do you really need to use your tongue during a French kiss well of course the answer is yes let me demonstrate how you do a French kiss on my able assistant Richard Fontaine people wait for me French kisses is heaven on earth French kisses when you’re kissing someone and you use your tongue to me a French kiss is one of the best ways to get to know somebody it’s very intimate very personality driven well a French kiss is when you touch tongues with your kissing partner and um there are a lot of different ways to do it but when I when I’m on a first date I like to imagine what the person’s tongue feels like I like to think about what it would feel like inside my mouth folks here are some step-by-step instructions for a French kiss number one begin with a regular lip kiss number two you open your mouth slightly while doing the kiss and three you move your tongue forward into your partner’s mouth now because it’s difficult to show the inside of a mouth I am personally going to go inside a mouth and show you exactly how the tongues move Oh yeah now if you touch tones your next step is to move your tongues around and you can play and the good thing to do is to go around and around and around in a rotating motion so they doubt you knock your partner’s tongue around you go yeah you too playful playful gently playfully place it with your partner’s pump you play with your pocket tongue you play you try to have fun with your father top you trying to enjoy it and you try to enjoy the inside of the mouth well the fun you can have enough on a rotating motion and that’s the thing you try to get a rotating motion Tony and that’s basically how to do a French kiss [Music] you stop using your tongue like it’s dark you don’t go like this with your tongue one time I was kissing his fanny way he was like a machine like a lizard just like tongue darting in and out of my mouth was awful I’ve had someone just act way too mechanical with me just ramming the tongue back and forth back and forth there’s like a robot I had this one time where she was way too it’s the word I’m looking for mechanical she would be like trying to stick her tongue in like that it just wasn’t just was it’s you can’t work you can’t do it that way you don’t want to use your tongue as a dart because I was it will hurt out it will hurt hurt your partner and and it’s difficult it’s difficult for them to breathe and and then if it hurts them it actually oh it’s like a fighting motion no you want to be gentle be gentle yeah because if you hit them like this you can actually out how oh oh my girlfriend darling why well she told me I was kissing her too much French kissing her too much ah I know exactly what you need you need the art of kissing did you know there’s more than 30 different types of kisses you can give someone there’s yeah there’s vacuum kiss there’s lip Oh suction there’s even upside down kiss upside down yeah Wow thanks doc well during us one day there was the guy who he I guess he was just a little bit of over-aggressive and he he um stuck his tongue so far down my throat that I couldn’t breathe and I actually had to push him away because it just got so out of control well we French kiss I don’t know what happened but he stuck his tongue way too far down in my third the first time because I started turning blue I thought I was gonna die or something and I mostly had taken at the hospital it was pretty bad any oh my god did you hear what happened to Susie yeah she got rushed to the hospital because you got traumatized from French kissing what happened are you kidding I’m not sure all I know is that she got rushed to the hospital in an ambulance many of her oxygen everything turning blue doctor get her inside quick she’s having trouble breathing doctor why he turned blue I’ve never seen Kate about this before what happened to her Frankie was making out with me it gave me very long French kiss I must’ve fainted they called the ambulance let’s get it down to the x-ray lab right away you’re gonna be all right Sally I said okay I’m for you these x-rays will tell us if that French kiss did any permanent damage well will I reveal the French kiss again only time will tell Sally only time will tell Sally was brought to see dr. Ronnie Honeycutt because of complications that developed after a serious French kiss from her boyfriend recently I was rushed to the hospital due to complications from a bad French kiss I learned my lesson you can really improve your French kissing technique by learning to breathe through your nose I’ve been through a lot of rehabilitation and things are much better now my doctor is an expert in the area and he taught me how to do it perfect yes I did at first it was kind of difficult but then she got the hang of it and she learned to breathe through her nose during the kiss once when I was french kissing her boy I could not breathe and I was gagging and afterwards I couldn’t talk anymore for like four hours and there’s terrible the problem is you don’t want to make your partner gag now I’m going to show you friends where you should stop when you’re playing chase or playing with the tongue you see this tongue on the top how it’s trying to eat right the tongue on the bottom by moving all the way back like this we’ll friends get out get out tongue get out you’re too much you tell you put the tongue get out get that Toronado you don’t wanna you don’t want to put your tongue over here over here because it’ll make them dig if you go this far back on a tongue this this person is going to start to throw up and gag and so therefore you don’t want to go you don’t want to go bam bam bam like that because you will make you a partner gay instead stay in the front there’s nothing in the back that you need anyway and play go like play with your partner but remember not too far not too far in the back yes that’s that’s be a nice tongue be nice time yeah there there you go up in the front of the mouth and that’s the way that’s blue that’s the way you look please your partner I’ve had a French kiss where it’s just way too sloppy sloppy kisses are probably worse than gagging kisses once you get into it you think everything is going really nice if you hear the sucking and the sloppiness and the saliva everywhere you’re doing it wrong a lot of people are too sloppy when they kiss the proper thing to do is to swallow your own saliva and you connect house on had to deal with the situation [Music] once that my friend Annie was over and we were trying to find out how what it would like to kiss and so I suggested that she practice on my uncle and we snuck into his bedroom because I thought that he was a really sound sleeper but when we went in there she kissed him and then did a second time and he opened his eyes and we were totally petrified we went running out of the room almost screaming we were so scared well I personally like to kiss grapefruits they’re the perfect fruit dick has to practice French kisses and they taste good too you can actually practice a French kiss on your hand it’s safer and it can actually be more fun let me demonstrate you may take your hand and you form it like a mouth and then you stick the thumb through the hand and treat it like a tongue and you begin to kiss it’s luck say fun that could be a lot more fun and kissing them boys what are you doing I practiced French kissing more in my minds and physically I just try to envision really passionate scenes in my head and that’s the way I always envisioned a French kiss when I practice a French kiss I do it mentally I you know I pretend of kissing like Ryan Philippi or some like really hot person I mean geez what the heck well I like to kind of imagine myself French kissing my aunt if you are kind of like in a motherly fashion you know taking care of me showing me leading me you know just kind of walking you through it if you will just a real nice mental picture of Mia making out with my aunt a lot of times I’ll do it in my head um I’ll pick you know if I’m watching a movie or something with a friend I’ll pick an actor or more likely an actress and I’ll try to imagine what it would be like to kiss them in you know whatever scene they are acting and I usually practice French kiss mentally this one time I was at my dentist and my sentences with such a hottie and you know I went under the gas and his head start to have these fantasies about French kissing my dentist [Music] to me french-kiss is complete oral satisfaction french-kissing feels great because it’s like taking that like skinny dipping and chocolate if you will skittles or something like that it’s like a full body motion and intense intense feeling a French kiss feels like you’re slowly just melting into each other the French kiss is just lifts because it makes you feel like yourself together French kiss feels good it kind of makes you feel like a baby ish sorta the nature of French kissing is it’s a regression to the oral level in fact lovers often regress to the babyish level that’s why they call each other baby baby baby baby a French kiss feels good um kind of because it makes you gives you a lot of attention it’s a lot of personal attention in it it almost almost like a baby you know if you have a baby who just gets so much attention and fondled in so many ways and everybody wants to carry and hold the baby and hug the baby and kiss the baby um yes that’s pretty much I mean that’s kind of how it makes you feel sometimes I love to touch the tip of my tongue to the tip my my girlfriend’s time it’s the feeling just gives me goosebumps all over I’m now illustrating how the tip of the tongues can play you want to touch just the tippy tip of the tongues like this and the tip of the tongue is the most sensitive part it can taste sweetness and you want to taste the sweetness of your partner’s tongue you can explore the tip of their tongue you don’t have to go very far in the mouth you just explore the tip of your tongues now watch how the tongues play with each other the tip is so sensitive my friends there are more nerve endings in the tip of the tongue than any other part of the body it feels what can I say blissful to touch the tip of your when I do French this right and when he does it right it just it just feels like we’re melting into like thinking one part in it it’s so intense and afterwards you have just such a great feeling like wow [Music] how’d you get boards the French kiss you what could you do I usually when I want a guide to French kiss me I know flirt with him touch them a little bit getting boys to french kiss you comes in a few different steps flirting entails making eye contact 11 the note that you’re interested but they also don’t always get the hint about exactly what you want after that and they might be a little shy and so it helps to keep your mouth open or lick your lips get the image of what you’re trying to get across into their minds be very demonstrative with your mouth whether it’s like getting some kind of food off of your hands anything they need a lot of examples I find that when I’m going on a date it helps to wear something that’s a little bit trendy and fashionable [Music] I find it attract people okay so tell me what you think with Johnny Walt French business he doesn’t French kiss me I at first I thought okay maybe it’s me maybe there’s something wrong with me but like now I’m thinking no it’s him he needs to be more orally conscious what I’m serious you need to be able to train him to think about different ways to use his mouth gum one of the best things that you can give him gum he starts you don’t just chew gum you play around with the interval or sucky candy you give him candy that he can suck on it works trust me he’s just not thinking about different ways to use his mouth I’ll try I’m gonna see him tonight so maybe I’ll just like start slipping on the candy yeah here’s some candy for you thanks jelly you like candy right yeah well maybe I just finished eating those candy it’s really actually I know how much you like candy so I went out and bought some candy for you what’s boy well maybe I figured on eating it your tongue will be trained so you actually use it I usually try to get a guy to french kiss me from really kind of in the mood I usually get up close to him you know kind of put my body next to his sometimes try to do a little bit of like an arm stroke kind of thing and the least give it that give him that tingling sensation kind of let him know that I want too how come you ever french-kiss me I just don’t why not I’m a little shy how come when I was little my dad used to beat me the broom Oh it’ll be okay right you can still French kiss me that I’ll show you how sometimes when I want a guy to french-kiss me I look them straight in the eye and I hold the look longer than it takes and it just kind of draws them to me [Music] usually to get when I’m kissing a guy and I don’t want to kiss him anymore I got him to stop by either biting them or pushing them away okay I’m having this problem with Pete and it’s disgusting he French kisses me all the time totally inappropriately in inappropriate places every single time if I just want to have a nice little kiss just while we’re driving anything I’ll tell you what you need to do please works for me all the time bite his tongue slightly his tongue will be no match for your teeth I’m telling you now however if a guy or a girl is overdoing it Oh while we’re kissing it all by the tip of their tongue a little bit or I’ll pull back and sort of push them away and kind of look to the side I’ll look at my watch you know kind of to let them know that enough is enough when I want a boy this up french kissing me I usually just bite his tongue because it’s kind of annoying with it being in my mouth when I don’t want it to be uh-oh I’m hurt playfully my friends you can bite your partner’s tongue with your teeth you take your teeth and you bite into the tongue you can bite it the tip where you can bite a little further back you can bite really far in the middle into the night arm and bite a partner’s tongue it feels good bite it right into the top [Music] the way to get a girl to French kiss you is to begin by building up a relationship with her on a few dates right and I like a person and you know we’re on a date and our feet accidentally touch against you know underneath a table it really knows it sends waves through your vine you know it’s really very very a very unbelievable feeling and especially when the relationship is new you really get that that tingly feeling where you feel you know just it’s just a like these this energy now this wonderful energy going through you and so new I like the flirt by just staying close keep your arms around or just keep a conversation going tickler just something make jokes get her to laugh getting to know you show a little interest mom you know French kiss me I just don’t like it what I am suffocated once come on it’s easy just put you in the mom make like a mouth now put your other thumb through it just like a tongue okay like that see I’ll show you it’s easy that’s what’s tongue oh okay the way I French kiss is I have my mouth open slightly and I don’t put my tongue into too far wild French kissing I like just just touch the very tip of the tongue and there’s kind of flickers just a little bit just so she feels it I like to uh with my time I like to uh I got it go in roll around and I pull out a legal game tag if you will then I like to kind of a tickle her tongue and bite it and suck it usually I move my tongue like around the other person’s tongue or lick their lips during a kiss I I kind of like to rub my tongue a little bit along my partner’s to UM get a little bit of a gets a vibration French kissing when you have the tongues I like you know if I know it’s going to be a decent amount of time which there’s nothing better than a really long French kiss is just to start out with you know the light contact almost like teasing you know it’s right there you hang in the balance and then it’s just like the floodgates open then it’s I then you sneak in and go and then the longer goes I love I love start to play the game of like you know I got you you got to get me and going around here I’m hiding you know so and then it involves the rest of the mouth you know like slide slightly coming along the roof you know get them underneath their tongue really sensitive under there I like reversing I like to take the tongue and just suck it into my mouth a little bit of power there you know this is so hey I’m the boss with my tongue I usually like to just gently feel his tongue a little bit but very gently because it’s not something that I don’t like to have his tongue fully in my mouth or my tongue completely in his mouth is very gentle touching each other’s tongues controlling a little bit it’s about it yeah sometimes I like to just have our lips that they’re almost like biting each other that can be kind of a nice way to do it too what I like about licking her tongue about touching her tongue is that intimacy you know that feeling that you know you two are together and you’re really feeling everything that each of you has and that feeling goes such a long way you know it’s just it’s it’s so rudimentary and I but it’s it’s it’s so special French kisses should start out slow with the tongue slightly touching each other but after that when you start to really get into it and you get the hands moving and everything else it’s great so to suck the tongue and to bite and really get into it I mean the more activity there is the hotter the hotter it is during French kiss I bite my partner’s tongue just a little bit just so she feels it and then I quickly remove my teeth and suck on it just so it doesn’t hurt anymore I liked French kiss by spelling my name out with my tongue me and my friends came up with it and sometimes we try to do the alphabet with our tongue so it’s kind of fun my boyfriend and I kind of like to play chase where we chase each other’s tongues around a little bit kind of like a game move the tongues around each other kind of dancing with my tongue I liked I kind of put it back and forth between our mouths it’s kind of like chasing the tongues and I feel like I never wanted to stop what you do is you vary the tongue action you go slow fast hard soft you have to play chase with it with the tongue you know I mean Brigitte you play chase with your partner’s tongue and this tongue will come forward and end it a funk into this tongue like this and this tongue will go forward and it’ll hit this time like this and then the tongues will go up and down up and down in a flickering motion flicker flicker flicker your tongue on your partner’s tongue that is good now we’re going to show you how to play chase by pushing your partner’s tongue with this tongue will push while this one will and then now you come forward on the left here and you push this tongue out one trick that I do when I French kiss is I steal my boyfriend’s candies out of his mouth and they taste better that way when we kiss I think it’s a lot of fun when you like pass candy bang forth you know when I take it from him and everything well my guy he just does not like that he ends up taking the candy from me and it’s not supposed to work like that I love it My partner passes a piece of candy from her mouth to mine it’s just not only getting the flavor of the candy but getting the flavor of her one trick you can do while french kissing is to steal the candy out of your partner’s mouth notice this girl is having trouble getting it that’s because you’re not supposed to let your partner get it make it difficult for them tease them you’ve got to fight for your right to that candy a trick that’s kind of funny when your friends kissing somebody is I mean this is only for more somebody that you’re a little closer to you wouldn’t want to do this to a complete stranger but if they’re not expecting it you can kind of just blow a big gust of air in their mouth and their cheeks like a chipmunk it’s really funny I remember the first time I got vacuum kissed it was weird all that air just got sucked out of my mouth and my lungs and I felt like I was like deflating or something one trick that I’ll use during French kissing is I like to to kind of suck the air out of my partner a little bit um that hopefully you know what it feels good when people do that to me so that’s something that I like to try another great trick is the vacuum kiss you suck the air out of your partner’s mouth and lungs you can actually deflate them look she’s getting deflated now he’s blowing in and he’s inflating her he treat your partner like a rubber doll the vacuum cares [Music] I like a boy to take his hands and go all over my back places usually when I’m French kissing someone I like them to move their hands all over my body and with my hair touching the back of my neck my arms kissing and French kissing is its best on like multitasking kissing is one hour and and the hands are a very necessary part to pull it off I really like a guy to move his hands up my arm the softer and the slower the better their French kiss I like it when she caresses my face kind of a little like this or should goes up like this and she starts pulling down tight right before it starts to hurt well I like to I kind of I like for her to start off kind of gentle and then I like to get aggressive I want to pull me in and kind of squeeze my butt real nice when I’m being French kissed I usually like to have my arm stroke that’s my big that’s my favorite type of action somebody could do for me or stroke my back a little bit just anything gentle but it kind of gives me like a little tingling sensation or pushing my hair back out of the way out of my face makes me feel like he wants to see my face well when I’m kissing a person I really love them to use their hands um they’re a couple of really sensitive parts um you know if if they touch right here um that’s really a turn-on um my neck and my ears are also super super sensitive another one other thing is um you know right right here you know right above my my butt is a really super sensitive part and you know if they can squeeze me really hard almost like a corset um one of my french kissing that that that’s really great I like to pull my hair because it shows that she’s really excited about what’s going on snuggle with my boyfriend I like to I like to pull him close and just hold him in my arms and kiss him um usually I like to actually sit on the guy’s lap while I’m kissing him you know cuddling that way I really like to get into the person sometimes all if we’re snuggling you know on a couch or something like this um I really like to put my legs around them I like to find it kind of get up real close like this a lot of the time um I loved put my arms around them like this um and get you know as close as I can I love french kissing in the car because people can watch you while you’re doing it and I like when people watch me cars are very intimate places and it’s one of those opportunities where you get to sit right next to each other as opposed to a movie theater or classroom or wherever else you might get to sit by each other and so it’s great to be pressed right up next to and there doesn’t have to be a whole lot of touching and moving around involved but just the pressure of having the area from your knee up to your hip up against your boyfriend like that it’s very exciting my kiss in a car our position is like really tricky sometimes like we’ll end up hitting against the steering wheel sometimes won’t up like some house sitting on the steering wheel and then you know like his butt will sometimes be like rubbed up against the window and it’s really tricky we kind of like almost turn upside down you really do have to be careful when you’re french kissing in a car sometimes a couple will get in such a convoluted position when they’re french kissing that the guy will actually fall out the window [Music] a French kiss should last until I can’t breathe anymore on a first date a French kiss should never last more than 60 seconds what about our first date we French kiss for longer than two minutes I think I have never French kids dr. Honeycutt I think a good French kiss your last bus three or four minutes a good French kiss shouldn’t be too long shin Drago it should be about four or five minutes a French kiss should last however long it’s going good I mean the minute it gets intense maybe you want to carry it on for a little longer if it gets sloppy then you just want to kind of cut cut it out a little bit but I would say average about 3-4 minutes yeah I think I think it should last for at least four to five minutes or or or until she passes out a French kiss should last anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes if it’s a really intense makeout session French kiss should last well hopefully as long as possible now you know it depends of the situation in public you know you can you can sneak into a quick French kitchen mm-hmm like almost like did their time just touch now you know so quick but then you can you know ah if it’s just the two of you um they can seem like go on forever another time I was french kissing somebody and this was all my fault I was getting so excited and into it and all of a sudden I realized I was getting a little bit lightheaded and and I panicked and couldn’t figure out what exactly it was I was doing wrong and again I didn’t want to say anything but I felt like I was just gonna pass out I can feel my skin turning you know blue the rep you know all the blood rushing to my face and I’d forgotten to breathe through my for my nose of course the proper way to kiss is kissing by not breathing through your mouth you must breathe through your nose I don’t understand why anybody would want to breathe for their mouths when they’re kissing let me demonstrate on my able assistant Bridget Fontaine No so well I think that the usually I French kitchen last about depending if you know the person really well it should last about four to five minutes if you’re just meeting them a kind of a fleeting kiss at first just a little bit better just you know with a little bit of the tongue but once you get involved in a relationship it’s great if you can get really really into it and you kind of roll around and and so I like to get more into it you don’t get a little bit more length unless I know the person better you know a lot of people wonder when I’m French kissing what is my partner thinking well we developed an alpha brainwave reader which allows us to hear the actual thoughts of two people while they’re french kissing let’s listen in Oh feels so good so heavily then what I want him God singing it’s so crazy for him I’m mad about her love his mouth monkey Liz arms body oh oh god damn god I’ve never kissed so long I wonder what she’s gonna stank and hardly breathe suffocating not going to stop first don’t think I don’t like him I’ve got to keep this just going back now that I’ve started men for the long haul hope you get too tired I mean ever going to chris is getting ridiculous I have work to do give me a break huh get off already I wonder what I’m gonna make for dinner I need some groceries I have to be inning home soon when is it going you better break this off I gotta call it quits if I feel whatever thank you please please start up will you begging you to stop I wish she’d break off leave me alone be God he’s so darn into it I’m getting its fixie god help me please please can you help me we’re now going to give you advice from boys and girls about what they wish their partners would do friends if you listen to this part of the tape over and over with an open mind and take these suggestions seriously your partners will say how did you learn to kiss like that what I would hope that girls would do is just open their mouths just a little bit more so they can be more of a part of the French kiss you know not just a receiver but a giver as well one thing I wish girls would do when they’re French kissing is open their mouth a little bit more and get a little more active into the kiss it make it a lot better I wish the guys of America would take things a little bit slower I know there’s something very erotic about sticking tongues in people’s mouths but it’s nice to start out a little bit slower and then work into it before you get into all the heavy-duty stuff just some advice for the boys it’s nice when you kiss and you’re actually able to breathe you didn’t lose anything down my throat you don’t need to fish for anything down my throat so enable me to breathe and your kiss will last a lot longer Irish boys would just be more gentle and go slower when they French kiss and on top of that maybe not slobber as much I wish guys would realize that there’s nothing back here that they need to get to the kissing and all of the interesting areas are more up front and in the roof of the mouth and in the lips and there you don’t need to gag today in order to get something out of the French kiss Irish boys would once in a while like let me lead you know just because they’re guys doesn’t mean they have to be in control all the time like I’m not saying I’m gonna like get a whip or anything but just let me lead once in a while you know make it more interesting one thing I would really like to see would be more French kisses from girls and use their tongue more because they tend not to they really shy and they keep it back but I’d really like it if they just came out and just gave more French kisses I just wish that girls would use their tongues more I wish girls will be more aggressive with their you know with their tongues you know like really being forceful with it you know moving it around and so in certain ways really so so we feel it you know so we can feel that tongue there it feels good if you’re still having problems with your French kisses after watching this tape try therapy there are some good therapists out there Doug I have a problem you see I’m afraid of French kissing good boy because I was French kissing this guy one time and I almost suffocated I turned blue and everything it was horrible oh my goodness well I had this new therapy it’s called kissing and cuddling [Music] [Music]

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